The Art of Effortless Living

For individuals

Every morning when you get out of bed, you are still very tired. You drag yourself through your busy everyday life. Trying to keep up with all expectations others have of you; in all areas of your life, including in your social setting and eating habits that come along with your social life. You show to the outer world you are doing fine but within you, you feel life is taking way too much effort.
If you keep going on like this, your mind will go mad and you will get stressed out. You might even get stuck completely. Somehow you do know there must be another way that is more easy-going but for now you see no way out.

You are desperately longing for:

Feeling instead of thinking

Structuring your work and personal life in a way that suits you

Healthy eating habits that give you no burdens

Peace and quietness

Resonance and harmony in your life

Healing Prana

We sit down together with integrity, in a safe setting, open en unconditionally, live or online. I will, while welcoming all there is, guide you towards your Effortless Life. Through Healing Prana, your thoughts will quiet down and you will feel your body again. The self-healing ability of your body will be activated which will dissolve blockages. The healing this will bring, will make Prana flow freely through you again.


This will bring you

Peace and quiet in your head

Feeling energetic

Eating patterns and habits that support you

Increase of health

Clarity and knowing what is good for you

Resonance and flow in your life

Living effortlessly

Let the Art of Effortless Living come to you!

We sit together in a quite setting where you feel at ease. I will guide you through a short body scan which will be the start for us from which we are going to explore how you can start feeling your body again. In awareness and with attention, in a gradual transition we are going to explore what comes up and what wants attention in your specific situation. Whatever discomfort, feeling, strong thought or belief, emotion or anxiety that might be. It can be something that has been bothering you for quite some time or is coming up for the first time. Whatever wants attention, we are going to give it just that: loving attention.

I will guide you in this process towards healing, so you will experience spaciousness within yourself. I guide you to feel deeply so that blockages dissolve and Prana can flow freely. You will feel connected to your True and Pure Self.

Healing will take place when mild loving attention is given to any discomfort. In the safe setting that we have created, you can allow all feelings that come up. I guide you through this and blockages, even those you were not aware of, will dissolve. Every blockage that is dissolved and healed will give the Divine Healing Prana more space to flow through you freely; giving you the opportunity to feel deeper, expand your consciousness and live true to your True Self.

You will get my full attention and presence while Consciousness is supporting me. Our sitting together is the start for you towards living in resonance and life becoming effortlessly. Life will become easy flowing with Healing Prana freely flowing through you. Through Healing Prana and activating your body’s self-healing ability your consciousness will expand and you will live from your True and Pure Self. This is how life is meant to be.



Full of energy






Guidance & support

We come together in my house where light energies are supporting you in this process.
Online we can also create this setting and Healing Prana is therefore offered live and online.

For the energy exchange and support I offer you, a compensation of € 44.00 per half hour is requested. Please reserve at least 1.5 hours of your time, we might be exploring together for this period of time or even sometimes longer. For 1.5 hours the compensation requested is € 111.00. For all time longer or shorter, the € 44.00 per half hour is applicable.
When this is out of reach in your current financial situation, please do not let this be a reason to not contact me. Just connect and we will explore the possibilities. This is also applicable when you prefer another location. If you let me know, we will explore options.

You do not need to prepare beforehand for our coming together and you do not have to dig in the past. Sometimes past experiences do come up, however, spontaneously through our coming together as we will be in this now moment. We will explore whatever you feel and experience in this moment, since that is what wants to be seen and felt now.

I guide you to a deeper feeling into your body and to live life from an expanded Consciousness. You will no longer let your Life be led by your thoughts. Through healing of blockages in your body, Divine Healing Prana will flow freely through your body.

With my guidance I support you with my full attention and alignment in Consciousness but you create and experience your own Divine Healing Prana yourself. All insights, all answers to any questions that you may have, you find within the Divine Healing Prana in yourself, Effortlessly

People’s experiences

I had stuck energy that demanded attention and wanted to flow again. After just one session I now feel stronger and my boundaries are clearer. I feel brighter energy.

I do recommend Caren because she coaches in an efficient targeted way and does a very nice guided meditation! Which gave the places in my body the attention, love and clarification they deserved. This allowed energy to transform into an energy that serves me more!


What a great session I experienced with Caren. She took me to my inner world and guided me by touching whatever was going on at that moment. It cleared up a lot and it brought me a wonderful feeling of peace and freedom. Thank you so much!


Peace and quiet in your Life

Your Life is meant to be Effortless.
Please feel invited to connect and together we will explore how you can reach this.

Let the Art of Effortless Living come to you!

Let Healing Prana flow freely through you so that you follow Life and go your own path how it is meant to be for you. How Life is meant to be: Effortless

Would you like to explore how Effortless Living is possible for you?

If so, book your free 30 minutes introduction call here without any effort and let us explore together the possibilities for you.

With Love, Caren

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Let’s connect Effortlessly

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